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GOOD OLD AI Research Network is an internationally recognized network of award-winning researchers, engineers, and students interested in the broad fields of applied artificial intelligence and software engineering, founded in 1997. The network is coordinated by Professor Vladan Devedzic. The heart of the network is the GOOD OLD AI Lab, situated at the University of Belgrade. Our research foci include intelligent tutoring and learning, service-oriented architectures, model-driven engineering, semantic technologies, intelligent reasoning, intelligent agents, natural language processing, knowledge representation, knowledge discovery, and ontologies, but also AI-based music and visualization. 


GOOD OLD AI Lab is a research unit at the Faculty of Organization Sciences (School of Business Administration), University of Belgrade. There are currently three teachers and two teaching and research assistants in the Lab. They teach about a dozen of courses related to software engineering and computer science, conduct several research projects, and advise student members of the Lab (BSc, MSc, and PhD candidates).

The Lab is a member of the ARIADNE Foundation and IFIP TC12.


Researchers associated with the GOOD OLD AI Network typically start their careers as most talented undergraduate or graduate students of their generations at the Faculty of Organization Sciences (School of Business Administration), University of Belgrade. A number of them who have received their BSc, MSc and PhD degrees with us have then joined other universities and research institutions in West Europe and North America, but have remained active members of the GOOD OLD AI network. We all feel extremely happy and proud about it.

Our members have won several Best Research, Best Paper, Best Thesis, Best Software and Best Student Awards, and have authored two Springer monographs, Model-Driven Architecture & Ontology Development (in 2007, it was one of the top 20 CS books published by Springer) and Semantic Web and Education. They have already published dozens of articles in international research journals included in the Thompson Scientific Journal List, as well as numerous papers presented at international research conferences. Our members currently participate in several international research projects, have completed 10+ such projects in the past, and have given several invited talks and a number of tutorials at international conferences. Members of the GOOD OLD AI network have also been associate partners in the ProLearn Network-of-Excellence.

We invite you to browse our Web site to find out more about our research. You are welcome to get in touch with us anytime you like!