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Content and Knowledge Provision Service in Soul Web

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Content/Knowledge Provision service (CKP service, for short) is a learning service aimed at supporting Web-based workplace learning. This service is a part of the software solution that is being developed by the Soul Web project to provide technical support for Learning and Knowledge Building (LKB for short) processes within the extended organization. Extended Organization represents a community that emerges as a temporal integration of two or more different business and educational communities and organizational cultures (industrial, research, and educational). This service supports workplace learning situations where employees are often faced with the need to efficiently find, browse, share, and otherwise use electronic learning resources, but are usually constrained by limited time and other factors when they perform all these activities on their own. Specifically, CKP service serves as a content management system and semantic search engine within an extended organization. It enables employees to upload different kinds of Knowledge Objects (KOs) into a knowledge repository, annotate them, and (re-)discover relevant KOs by performing semantic search over the knowledge repository.

The demo version of the CKP service can be seen here.

ckpsDemo.zip642.15 KB