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Marko Novakovic

Curently with Pocket Gems

Previously a MASc student at University of Waterloo

uWaterloo profile:

Email: mnovakovic.fon (gmail)





Bio Sketch

Marko Novakovic has a MASc degree from University of Waterloo, located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (map). While at Waterloo, he was a member of Generative Software Development Lab, supervised by prof Krzysztof Czarnecki. He is also a member of the GOOD OLD AI research network. Currently, he makes mobile games at Pocket Gems.


Research interests

  • Software Engineering
  • Semantic Web
  • Domain Specific Languages
  • Model transformations
  • Applications of SAT/SMT solvers.

Recent publications

Passos, L., M. Novakovic, Y. Xiong, T. Berger, K. Czarnecki, and A. Wasowski, "A Study of Non-Boolean Constraints in Variability Models of an Embedded Operating System", 3rd International Workshop on Feature Oriented Software Development, Munich, Germany, ACM, 08/2011.  [link]

Recent projects