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Milan started a new project: Modeling Online Presence

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Milan Stankovic started a new project, Modeling Online Presence. The project addresses the issue of integrating and exchanging the data related to users' presence in the online world.

The core part of the project is the Online Presence Ontology (OPO) that can be used to represent instant messaging statuses, status messages, avatars and other elements that form the image of a user's presence in the online world. As a difference from FOAF that models more static and persistent user profile data, our goal is to model the dynamic and frequently changing aspects of user profiles.

All those dynamic aspects of online presence are currently published on different services (social networks, instant messaging platforms, Twitter-like and lifestreaming services) and the aim of OPO is to facilitate their exchange across those services.

For more information please see the project page or contact Milan Stankovic.