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Description Logic Reasoner (LoRD)

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The objective of this project is to show how Model Driven Engineering (MDE) techniques can be applied to developing a DL reasoner, called LoRD. To implement the  tableau algorithm using the MDE principles, we used the following two Ecore-based metamodels:

  1. The DL metamodel that is a non-normative part of the current OMG’s  ( effort for developing the Ontology Definition Metamodel  (,
  2. The Tableau metamodel that represents a tableau.

This implementation of the DL tableau algorithm enables transformation of a DL model (i.e., an instance of the DL metamodel in terms of the MDA) into its tableau model (i.e., an instance of the Tableau metamodel). For this transformation we use Atlas Transformation Language (ATL), a QVT-like model transformation language.


Contact: Nenad Krdzavac

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