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RAS - Reasoning in Assessment Systems

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The RAS project focuses on intelligent analysis of students’ knowledge in QTI-FAR systems, using description logics (DLs) reasoning techniques. Specifically, the objective of RAS is to support semantic analysis and evaluation of students’ answers and solutions acquired through the use of a QTI-FAR system. We assume that the students’ answers are submitted to the resoning machine as OWL models, transformed from a QTI model. Ontology model conforms to OWL metamodel, which in turn conforms to the  Ontology Definition Metamodel. In processing an open-ended question, the reasoner deploys these transformations to generate the tableau model equivalent to the QTI model of the student’s answer. As a consequence, if two different students submit two syntactically different but semantically correct answers to an open-ended question, the reasoner will detect that both answers are correct (satisfiable).

Project team: Nenad Krdzavac, Sonja Radenkovic, and Vladan Devedzic