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Sonja Dimitrijevic

Mihailo Pupin Institute
Volgina 15



Bio Sketch

Sonja Dimitrijevic is a research assistant at the Mihailo Pupin Institute where she has participated in a number of IS and software development projects. She is also a PhD student at the Department of Software Engineering, FON – School of Business Administration 





Research Interests

Software Usability, Agile Methods, Software Engineering


Recent publications

  • Dimitrijevic, S., Pantelic, S.D., Ivanovic, G., Bogojevic, D., Djuric, R., Stevic, D., “Tracking Failures of Auxiliary Mechanization in an Open-Pit Mine”, In Proceedings of International Conference on Applied Internet and Information Technologies AIIT2013, pp. 162-167, Zrenjanin, Serbia, October 2013.
  • Pantelic, S.D., Ivanovic, G., Mitrovic, R., Jovanovic, D., Stosic, D., Dimitrijevic, S., “Improvement of Auxiliary Mechanization Operations Management at an Open-Pit Coal Mine Based on a Process Approach with ICT Support”, in Subic, A. (eds.), “Advances in Engineering Materials, Product and Systems Design”, Advanced Materials Research Vol. 633, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, pp. 322-334, 2013. 
  • Dimitrijevic, S., Pantelic, S.D., “Consideration of Functional Size Measurement in Software Acquisition Process”, In Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Information Society, Technology and Management, ICIST 2012, pp. 75-80, Kopaonik, February 2012.
  • Pantelic, S.D., Dimitrijevic, S., Kostic, P., Radovic, S., Babovic, M., “Using BPMN for Modeling Business Processes in E-Government – a Case Study”, In Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Information Society, Technology and Management, ICIST 2011, pp. 164: 1-6, Kopaonik, Serbia, 7-8. March 2011.


Recent projects