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A GOOD OLD AI group member elected as a NetBeans Governance Board member

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NetBeans team announced new community-elected members of the 21st Governance Board: Tim Boudreau and Zoran Sevarac.
The Oracle-appointed third member of the Board will be Ashwin Rao, NetBeans Senior Product Management Group Manager.
Zoran is GOOD OLD AI member interested in software engineering, and he is actively involved in NetBeans community. This is his second term in the NetBeans Governance Board, and as he said:
'He belives in future of the NetBeans Platform and IDE as the cutting edge software development tool/platform. As a member of the board he would be devoted to promoting NetBeans among the academic community, and getting them actively involved in NetBeans development.'

Project Neuroph Won The Duke's Choice Award 2013

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Neuroph project has won the Duke's Choice Award 2013 !

The Duke’s Choice Awards recognize and honor extreme innovation in the world of Java technology, and are granted to the most innovative uses of the Java platform. Because the primary judging criteria is innovation, the awards put even small developers on an equal footing with multinational giants. The winners are selected by Oracle’s Java technology leadership team.

Neuroph team thanks to all Neuroph contributors and users all around the world for making this possible! We're very happy that Neuroph project has been recognized as the leader in inovation on Java Platform in its domain, and we hope that this award will be big push for the Neuroph project and Artificial Intelligence open source community in general.

Read the Java Magazine article on the 2013 Duke's Choice Awards and announcement at


Bojan's best PhD thesis award

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In september 2013. our member dr Bojan Tomic won the best PhD thesis award granted by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. His thesis entitled "Expert systems and reporting systems" provides a novel way to integrate expert systems into business reporting systems and a concrete software prototype that implements this approach.

New Research Project: Flukitten - a Clojure library that implements category theory concepts

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Fluokitten is a Clojure library that implements category theory concepts, such as functors, applicative functors, monads, monoids etc. in idiomatic Clojure. The project intends to fit well into idiomatic Clojure, fit well into Haskell monadic types conventions, to be reasonably easy to learn, and offer good performance.

More about the project can be found at

Danica's Best Paper Award

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On Wednesday, May 14, 2013, our member Dr Danica Damljanovic, won the Best Paper Award at Linked Learning workshop at WWW 2013 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The paper entitled “Learning from Quizzes Using Intelligent Learning Companions” discusses how linked data can be exploited to create intelligent learning companions, and a Smart Tutor system. Danica, Chief Learning Architect at Kuato Studios, and her colleague David Miller (Chief Learning Architect), are, with their team at Kuato Studios, building a Smart Tutor which will offer an entirely new way for students to learn. Using real-time, adaptive learning, their Smart Tutor will use linked data as a knowledge base to improve natural language understanding and reasoning. As such, users with different abilities and interests will be able to engage conversationally with their ‘own’ Smart Tutor across a variety of learning areas. Kuato Studios is a spin-off of SRI institute, with a mission to develop “truly adaptive and engaging products to enhance the way we learn”.

Filip Radulovic's Talk

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On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, as part of our regular group meeting, our member Filip Radulovic, a PhD candidate at the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG), based at the School of Computer Science at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain, will give a talk on research in OEG and on his own research done at OEG.

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