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Neuroph Interview on DZone

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A two-part interview entitled Neuroph: Smart Java Apps with Neural Networks has been published on NetBeans Zone, a popular social network for developers. Take a look at part 1 and part 2 and and get to know the Neuroph project behind the scene, as well as our future plans. Part two of the interview also contains a very brief howt-o for the Neuroph GUI.

 Read more about the Neuroph project here, or contact Zoran Sevarac.

64 Kilometer Long GOOD OLD AI GPS Drawing: The Symbol of Research As Big As Paris!

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By cycling and walking through Paris, with a GPS receiver as a pencil, Uros Krcadinac has drown a 64 kilometer long logo of the GOOD OLD AI Research Network!

It shows how our footsteps, as meaningless as they might seem on the ground, can turn into a fantastic visual pattern understandable only from the sky perspective, making this modern geoglyph a giant symbol of research.

The Best Mini-Project Award in Madrid

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We are happy to announce that the project Capturing Social Interactions by Augmenting Calendar Data by Nela Kolundzija and Milan Stankovic won the Best Mini-Project Award on the SSSW 2009, last week in Cercedilla near Madrid.

Neuroph 2.2 released

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Neuroph Framework v2.2 has been released publicly! This release brings some important new features like momentum, import training set from files and network error graph,  which will make Neuroph more suitable to use for many practical tasks and easier to experiment with. The sample image recognition application within this release has been used to train the neural networks for DotAScript. This release also comes with full NetBeans project tree which will make easier to develop and build project according to its original structure.
This version of Neuroph Framework has been included in Gentoo Linux package repository. This is a great honour for our project and it will help to grow the Neuroph community. Thanks to Alistair Bush for this. Read more about Gentoo Linux here

Danijela is a MSc now

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It is an extreme pleasure to annonce that we have another MSc in our group - on June 22, 2009, Danijela Grahovac has successfully and brilliantly defended her MSc thesis, Application of Expert Systems in Process Cost Management. Congratulations, Danijela!

Common Tag with Faviki

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Common Tag logoFaviki is involved in the development of the new open tagging format – Common Tag, together with AdaptiveBlue, DERI (NUI Galway), Freebase, Yahoo!, Zemanta, and Zigtag.

The Common Tag format, which is based on RDFa, was developed to address the current shortcomings of tagging and help everyone, including end users, publishers, and developers get more out of Web content. It is an outcome of an effort to develop the easiest way to let publishers get more out of their content by semantically marking it up.

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