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MDE and Ontology Development Book

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The second edition of the book Model Driven Engineering and Ontology Development (Springer, 2009), by Dragan Gasevic, Dragan Djuric, and Vladan Devedzic, is now available.

Ask QuestIO

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As a part of the recently finished FP6 project TAO, in which Danica Damljanovic was an active researcher, Danica and her colleagues have developed QuestIO - a Question-based Interface to Ontologies. You can ask QuestIO keyword-based queries or full-blown questions, and it will transform them into SeRQL and SPARQL queries (click here for short demo about QuestIO, and here for the live presentation on videolectures).

Neuroph on

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Article about Neuroph and its application for image recognition in game has been published on That was the important step for promoting the project, since the project site got over 3000 visits and more than 300 downloads in just two days. As a result of that article, guys from the Java team from Gentoo Linux project will include Neuroph libraries in their distribution. Behind the scenes development continues, and we added important improvment to Backpropagation learning algorithm,  created image recognition tool, and new network types. All of these will be available to public soon  in next release.

GOOD OLD AI undergraduates started a new project: the Smiley Ontology

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Smiley Ontology is a new project, started by GOOD OLD AI undergraduates. The main objective of the project is to enable interchange of emoticons between different systems, without loss of their semantics, as well as to allow capturing and formal representation of semantics of emotions and emotional states that are widely spread across the Web. Find more information about the project here.

Dragan became a Canada Research Chair in Semantic Technologies!

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We are extremely proud to annonce that Dragan Gasevic, our member currently working in Canada, was awarded the prestigious Canada Research Chair in Semantic Technologies by the Canada Research Chairs Program! Just after the Alberta Ingenuity New Faculty Award, Dragan again proved the quality of his research in bringing the artificial intelligence and Web technologies together. Congratulations!

Dragan won the Alberta Ingenuity New Faculty Award!

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Dragan Gasevic, an associate research member of our network currently working as a researcher in Canada, was awarded the Alberta Ingenuity's 2008 New Faculty Award by the Alberta Ingenuity Fund, Canada. Congratulations, Dragan!

Dragan is hoping to produce technology that is effective in auto recognition (of topics and concepts), information and meaning extraction, and categorization that would be commercially viable for e-learning institutions as well as health care facilities, among others. Dragan describes his work as, “enabling software programs to speak in each other’s language, and thereby eliminating the need for users to purchase additional software programs.” Find more information about the project here.

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