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Vitomir Kovanovic awarded with C.D. Nelson Memorial Graduate Scholarship

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We are glad to announce that our member Vitomir Kovanovic was awarded by the Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada with the prestigeous C. D. Nelson Memorial Graduate Scholarship for 2011-2012 academic year. Congratulations Vitomir!

Neural Networks on the NetBeans Platform

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Neuroph Studio is a Java neural network development environment built on top of the NetBeans Platform and Neuroph Framework. It is an IDE-like environment customized for neural network development. Neuroph Studio is a GUI that sits on top of Neuroph Framework. Neuroph Framework is a full-featured Java framework that provides classes for building neural networks.

In addition to providing easy-to-use neural network wizards and tools, Neuroph Studio also integrates basic Java development modules from the NetBeans IDE, so developers can create, test, and deploy various Java components based on neural networks in the same environment. Previously, developers usually needed two applications: one for neural network development and one for Java development.
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Milan Milanovic is a PhD now

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We are glad to announce that today our member Milan Milanovic has successfully defended his PhD thesis, "Modeling Rule-Driven Service-Oriented Architectures". Congratulations, Milan!

Ivan Dimitrijevic is an MSc now

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We are glad to announce that today our member Ivan Dimitrijevic has successfully defended his MSc thesis, "Development of AJAX Web Applications Using the WAD framework". Congratulations, Ivan!

iDMAa Award for Synesketch!

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Synesketch, a project by Uros Krcadinac, won the iDMAa Award!

Synesketch was selected for the SIAT's Graduate Student Showcase at the International Digital Media and Arts Association (iDMAa) Conference held at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada, November 4-6. Eventually, SIAT's Student Showcase won the First Prize among all schools presented at the conference!

Congrats to Uros for this well recognized international award!

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