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Nela, Aleksandra and Nikola are BSCs now!

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It is an extreme pleasure to annonce that our undergraduate members Nela Kolundzija, Aleksandra Manic and Nikola Milikic have successfully and brilliantly defended their BSc theses.


Digit recognition with Neuroph on Android

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Neuroph has successfully been used to create a digit recognition application on Android. Read the entire post at

JEFF 1.0.0 beta released

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JEFF (Java Explanation Facility Framework) 1.0.0 beta is released and can be downloaded here.

It incorporates some new features and changes such as:

  • "STRATEGY" explanations can now be provided as well
  • A wizard to help create explanations more easily
  • An option to exclude headers from reports
  • A title can now be inserted into the explanation and included in the report
  • A stabilized API

Neuroph at Google Summer of Code

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The project proposal entitled "Implement a map/reduce enabled Neural Network with back propagation on Hadoop" that includes Neuroph has been accepted for the Google Summer of Code programme. The project is about making Neuroph run on a cluster computing framework called Hadoop and enabling it to process and learn huge amounts of data. The project has been submited by Zaid Md. Abdul Wahab Sheikh to Apache Software Foundation. This has also started the initiative to integrate Neuroph with the Apache machine learning library Mahout. Read more:

Original project proposal
Discussion at Neuroph forums
Neuroph and Mahout integration initiative
Hadoop homepage
Mahout homepage
Google Summer of Code 2010 Accepted Projects

Neural networks on Hadoop

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There is an interesting GSOC project proposal to implement Neural Network with backpropagation learning on Hadoop at apache mailing list. The idea is to create support for massivley parallel neural network system.

Apache Hadoop is a Java software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications under a free license. It enables applications to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data. Hadoop was inspired by Google’s MapReduce and Google File System (GFS) papers.

Citation from the project proposal:

This architecture is inspired from that of the opensource Neuroph neural network framework ( This design of the base architecture allows for great flexibility in deriving newer NNs and learning rules. All that needs to be done is to derive from the NeuralNetwork class, provide the method for network creation, create a new training method by deriving from LearningRule, and then add that learning rule to the network during creation. In addition, the API is very intuitive and easy to understand (in comparision to other NN frameworks like Encog and JOONE).

The Neuroph will support this project for sure.

Certified Netbeans Platform Training

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Several members of our group went for the Certified NetBeans Platform Training at Faculty of Organizational Sciences. While we explored the NetBeans Platform at the training, we have discovered amazing oportunity to create the integration platform for various software that we've developed. Also it has been very interesting to explore it from the software engineering perspective, since it employs state of the art architecture and software design techniques.
After the training we initiated the project of porting the existing GUI application for editing neural networks to Net Beans Platform in order to create the full featured Neural Network IDE. Check out the interviews and other videos fro the training.

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