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New Faviki feature: Delicious to Faviki import, auto posting to Delicious and Twitter

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Faviki announced the new import feature that will allow Faviki users to import their bookmarks from Delicious and convert free-word tags to Common tags. In addition, auto posting to Delicious and Twitter is supported.

More details on Faviki blog and ReadWriteWeb.

3D Neural Networks

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The Neuroph ( and SpaceNet ( projects are collaborating on a new kind of 3D environment for visualizing neural systems. Developers of the project share a vision of an intuitive tool for evolving and exploring the possibilities of neural networks, so future work may also include environment for 3D editing and interaction with neural systems. The developers are excited about the new features being designed.
The common software component responsible for the (easy) integration is the JUNG Graph API (
Demo video available at:

Zoran Jeremic is a PhD now

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It is a great pleasure to annonce that since November 10, 2009, we have another PhD in our network - Zoran Jeremic has successfully and brilliantly defended his PhD thesis, Collaborative Learning Using Semantic Web Technologies. Congratulations, Zoran!

Neuroph 2.3 - Image Recognition has been released

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Neuroph v2.3 - Image Recognition has been released! The most exciting feature of this relase is image recognition support which provides GUI tool for training multi layer perceptrons for image recognition, and easy to use API to deploy these networks in the end-user applications.  With this library you can perform image recognition in just few lines of code.  Check out this image recognition howto to see it in action.

The Best Student Award Goes To Uros

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We are proud to announce that the University of Belgrade just awarded Uros Krcadinac the Official Award for the Best Student of his Generation at the Faculty of Organization Sciences (School of Business Administration).

Neuroph in Sun Technology News

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The recent interview about the Neuroph project published in the Developers Zone got listed on Sun's site Technology News section. It is also highlited in the Notable NetBeans News. We are getting many downloads and usefull feedback info from our users. This is a big push for the Neuroph community to grow, and at the moment we are preparing some exciting new features for the next release.

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