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Travel Guide Ontology

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Travel Guides is a prototype system that combines Semantic Web technologies with those used in mainstream applications in order to enable data exchange between different E-Tourism systems. Travel Guides facilitates the processes of:

  • maintaining the systems for tourist agencies, and
  • searching for perfect vacation packages for tourists.

The core of Travel Guides system is in ontologies:


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TALARIA System (The Autonomous Lookup And Report Internet Agent System) is a multi-agent system, developed for academic purposes at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, FON - Faculty of Business Administration, as a solution to the common problem of gathering information from diverse Web sites. For more information contact Milan Stankovic or click here.


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ACCADEMI@VINCIANA is an online experiment about fine art painting methods and materials. It is related to some fundamental aspects of fine art painting methods and techniques, and should involve a large team of experts from the area of physics and chemistry, as well as conservation and restoration in order to support the following:

  • Learning about fine art painting methods and materials (education: painting, conservation treatments, preventive conservation strategies, restoration, reproduction);
  • Doing virtual experiments about painting methods and materials (education, classical painting technology analysis, painting damage diagnosis);
  • Doing online experiments (author identification, original expertise, uncovering of fraud (fraud investigation)).

ACCADEMI@VINCIANA experiments can be divided into two categories:

  • Experiments made using physical methods: dermatoscope, micro-abrasion equipment, microscopes for histology analysis of paintings; experiment made by exploring the nanostructures of materials with X-rays or using UV exploration; experiment based on analyzing particles (protons, neurons): ESA (Emission Spectral Analyze) (laser), Laser micro spectrographic analysis, Light and electron microscopy (scanning), Mass spectrometry, DBA (Debye-Scherrer Analysis) (analysis of small particles)
  • Experiments made using chemical methods: microchemistry approach to experiment with pigments identification, emission spectral analysis, the iodine probe, DBA, experiment made using chromatograph, experiment made using radio carbon dating method

All of this knowledge is semantically modelled in the form of ontology about painting methods and materials, ACCADEMI@VINCIANA ontology (OWL file).

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