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Uros Krcadinac

Associate Research Member: The GOOD OLD AI Research Network
University of Belgrade
Jove Ilica 154, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia




Bio Sketch

Uroš KrĨadinac is an award-winning digital media researcher. Currently, he is an Associate Research Member of the GOOD OLD AI Lab, witin the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Organizationl Sciences, Department of Software Engineering. Uroš has a formal background in computing (graduated at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, with First Class Honors) and an informal background in animation, illustration, and travel-writing. He is also a co-founder of the UZROK Studio. His academic, technological and artistic work was presented internationally and has received multiple awards. 

Uroš's detailed Research & Portfolio.

Research interests 

Data visualization, information visualization, data storytelling, physical visualization, affective computing, information aesthetics, natural language processing, software agents, and new media art.


  • September 2008 – present: PhD student of Software Engeneering and Informatics, FON - School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade, Serbia 
  • October 2003 – July 2008: Graduated in the field of Software Engeneering and Informatics (4 years), FON - School of Business Administration, University of Belgrade, Serbia (First Class Honors)

Aditional Education


  • Synesketch (2008) is the Web's first free open-source software library for textual emotion recognition and visualization – code that feels the words visually.
  • Titan System (2007) is a highly flexible computer database system for keeping student activity records and exams.
  • TALARIA System (2006) is a multi-agent system for gathering information from the Web, with email-based natural text interface. It was presented and voted for the best 12 poster presentations at the Summer School of Multimedia Semantics 2007.
  • #turing (2005) is is an educational app for simulating Turing Machines.

Recent publications

  • Krcadinac, U., Pasquier, P., Jovanovic, J. & Vladan Devedzic (2013) Synesketch: An Open Source Library for Sentence-based Emotion Recognition, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.
  • Krcadinac, U., Stankovic, M., Kovanovic, V. & Jovanovic, J. (2008) Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems in: Carteli, A. & Palma, M. (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Information Communication Technology, Idea Group International Publishing.
  • Stankovic, M., Krcadinac, U., Kovanovic, V. & Jovanovic, J. (2008) An Overview of Intelligent Software Agents in: Khosrow-Pour, M. (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, 2nd Edition, Idea Group International Publishing.
  • Stankovic, M. & Krcadinac, U. (2007). New Light on Information Agents, Informer (24), British Computer Society – Information Retrieval Specialist Group, [pdf]