GOOD OLD AI Research Network

About Us

We are an internationally recognized network of award-winning researchers, engineers, and students working in the fields of applied artificial intelligence and software engineering, situated at the University of Belgrade.

Research Areas
Artificial Intelligence

Current interests of different group members in the area of AI include machine learning, neural networks, rule-based systems, text mining, semantic technologies, ontological engineering, natural-language processing, and explainable AI.

Technology Enhanced Learning

Initial interests of the group members in this area have spanned intelligent tutoring systems and Web-based education. Over time, the interests have shifted towards learning analytics, self-regulated and social learning, programming education, assessment and learning recognition technologies, and workplace learning.

Software Engineering

The group practices software engineering rigor in developing AI systems. This includes software and process modeling, development and application of different software libraries and frameworks, agile software development, and software usability.

Latest News
Nenad Krdzavac has obtained a patent (grant number US10535003B2) for his research results in the application of semantic web technologies in microbiology

The innovation disclosures a system and method for establishing semantic equivalence between a plurality of concepts. Free illustration downloaded from… Read More

GOOD OLD AI is now a member of The CLAIRE Network

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Vladan Devedzic has given a keynote talk at KES 2018

22nd International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems (KES 2018) has been held in Belgrade, Serbia. Vladan… Read More