Vitomir Kovanović
Vitomir Kovanović
Research Fellow and Data Scientist at the University of South Australia, Australia

Vitomir Kovanović is a Senior Lecturer at the Education Futures, University of South Australia. His research focuses on the development of novel learning analytics systems using learners’ trace data records collected by learning management systems with the goal of understanding and improving student learning. Vitomir is particularly interested in students’ self-regulation of learning and understanding how trace data can be used to gain a deeper understanding of learning processes. Dr Kovanović obtained a PhD in Informatics, at the University of Edinburgh, the United Kingdom in 2017. Currently, Vitomir serves as a Secretary of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) which is a leading research society focused on promotion and development of Learning Analytics field. Vitomir is also an associated editor for the Higher Education Research & Development Journal (Taylor and Francis) and Academic Editor for PLoS ONE Journal (Public Library of Science).


Here are listed some of the most relevant publications. The whole publication list can be found on the Google Scholar account.

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